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Crap From The Past - May 21, 2010: Pac Man Fever

Published May 21, 2010

A pop music radio show for people who already know plenty about pop music, hosted by Ron "Boogiemonster" Gerber and heard every Friday night from 10:30 to midnight on KFAI-FM, 90.3 FM Minneapolis, 106.7 FM St. Paul, and


Here is a listing of all shows saved to date and a listing of all the playlists to date.

This week's "Radio Rumpus Room", the show that aired before "Crap From The Past", is here in its entirety.

WKRP IN CINCINNATI - Steve Carlisle (1981)
PAC MAN FEVER - Buckner And Garcia (1982)
PAC MAN CHRISTMAS - Pac Man (1982?)
MERRY CHRISTMAS IN THE NFL - Willis "The Guard" And Vigorish (1980)
PAC MAN'S MAGIC LAND - Pac Man (1982?)
PAC MAN FEVER (rerecording) - Buckner And Garcia (1990?)
DO THE DONKEY KONG - Buckner And Garcia (1982)
SPACE INVADERS - Playback (1980)
MISSILE COMMAND - Atari Missile Command (1982)
SUPERMARIOLAND - Embassadors Of Funk (1992)
TETRIS - Dr. Spin (1992)
CENTIPEDE - Rebbie Jackson (1984)
GOIN' BERZERK - Buckner And Garcia (1982)
PAC MAN FEVER (unplugged) - Buckner And Garcia (1999?)
E.T. (I LOVE YOU) - Buckner And Garcia (1982)
I'M NUMBER ONE - Pac Man (1982)
GAME OVER - Lil' Flip (2004)


Reviewer: Scott-G - - February 7, 2013
Subject: Game Over
As much as I love classic video game music is by in large awful....Pac Man Fever (Unplugged) is actually pretty darn good though